Christopher Thompson

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These streams are illusionary in as much as, my Emphorius Views Blog, is really a descriptor of my regard of life in general. A life view of our many and various animations. As a struggle-wright, a recorder, I am made of poetry and so the sane writers antithesis. Being all things to all persons, I am “The Philosophers Friend”.

Poetry as a fuse

Here you will follow the works of a nocturnal, moonlight whisperer. (Check out menu). Here is poetry of cryptic, convoluted, construction. It is the Deus Ex Machina of my story. These messages are delivered, as those crafted in unplanned drivel. They represent the unpicking of the lock twixt the mind and the heart. They sound in voice like a scream. They are the workings of suffocation in the streaming babble of a common moon man.  As plain song does, they teach the soul how to move and soothe. Then they recede, softened by the eye-blinking of the passage of time.

These then are the trials of our understanding. They are our burden on the trail of truth.  And so too, it is the canvas of hope, on which we pin our painted dreams. It is as though we underscore the truths of our enveloped lives, with the  meaning of mortality. It is with these sincere marks on these surfaces, that we become the describer or illustrator of our own conclusions. With these we proffer our understanding of what it is to truly love…

There will be some explanation in follow up pages, with illuminating prose to help. Good luck.

When then is it time to whisper?

Christopher Thompson.   © 2018


The term deus ex machina refers to the circumstance where an implausible concept or a divine character is introduced into a storyline, for the purpose of resolving its conflict and procuring an interesting outcome.

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3 thoughts on “Christopher Thompson

  1. Sandi Staton

    I appreciate the definition! I’ve never heard of deus ex machina before. Thanks for the education, very interesting. Like your way of thinking, reminds me of my youngest brother, now deceased ~Sandi



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