Of the Helix and the Spirit


Of the Helix and the Spirit.

A spiral bleakness covered everything

And everywhere, like frost.

When would these frozen deserted hours,

These thoughtful winter days end?

When, if ever, would I learn how to thaw?

A spiritual bleakness penetrated everything

And was truly everywhere.

I struggled with snow blindness

In the withering white out.

I existed but lost and over whelmed.

It felt total, I made no mark,

Encased as I was by my glacial view.

I survived quietly, coldly, lonely.

I could have screamed for attention,

Screamed at those fated crowds,

But only if I had heat, I could find none.

It felt so total so limiting, leaving no scratch,

Entombed by my glacial Will.

And my mind weighed heavy throughout the coldness.

I lived by the slight of my polar hand.

God was it bringing about my thaw,

With love and compassion?

With love alone,

He brought upon himself the weight,

Of my whole existence.

So even in those, my chilliest days,

His hands alone,

Bore my full weight, as we hung on our cross.

Anamnesis came to me.

It was a warming reality.

Even now he pours himself,

Through time itself, to engulf me.

In the rhythms of the beats,

Of my cycle of life.

And I occasionally glimpse

The cloak of the light.

Hear an echo,

Of the Word,

And the songs of Greatness.

Contented by the Power of the Lord.

And knowing the very Person of God.

I am quenched in this image and likeness

Which fashioned my very helix.



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