I am who you are, we are who I am.

It may be advisable to brace yourself.
What I announce here may be 
Received as something in the nature of shock.

I have just decided
To throw this poetry
To the Wind.

#There is no guidance in board.

View it as a literal form, 
A type of psychological ejaculate,
For it too contains a message.
It is as important.

#There is no see-saw on which to ride

Feel it if it touches,
A sense of connection, communication,
For it bares a type of truth.
It will help.

#Understanding is not always required.

For all poetry contains some order of light,
In air or on paper or on screen,
By which it informs, it acknowledges truth.
Illumination comes from within.

#I know, you know, we knew all along.

Poetry is brought into existance to be shared,
The poets share themselves wholly,
The poetists shares their moments of inspiration. 
Emotions are given freely.

#I am who you are, we are who I am.

©2018  Christopher Thompson

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