Auto immune

This is deliciously mysterious,

And the fans, are here and read.

We are entertained,

Whilst they are pendulum.

As the cross bow tightens

And the foot grips.

I would rather be eating apples

Than springing targets to my head.

Oh come away, come away.

Who can say, who can tell?

Let us roll along like a Swiss.,

Or I shall ice likes an Arctic.

In cancerous cells

We viper and squeeze.

We are quantum cellus;

Combatants for good

Who swell ranks for the legions.

We kill whatever we are asked to.

There are few rewards, but still,

We slither and smoother and choke.

I fight alongside my comrades

Killing so you might live.

We corpus opus on you behalf.

We are your antibodies.

Christopher Thompson (c) 2018

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