The Days the Rangers Ranged 2

Episode 2


We had little luck.
Carl Winterton-Luck,
Was a straight A student
Who was assigned by the September
And then the Department.
It was thought a clever dick kid
Would be a help to the likes of
To two struggling porkers, namely us.
It was to be an assumption
Which bore little fruit.
It turned out
Little Luck was a Hip-Hop Major.
He stated his thesis
Had been on how running
And rhyme had no correlation.
His contribution was mainly
By way of a support role,
Mostly supporting the wonky leg
Of my swivel chair.
And occasionally brewing coffee.

Our objective remain to find
The missing middle.
Our colours had been nailed to the mast.
Now, as an added complication
We needed to locate that sailing ship too.
The Chief was missing our colours.
We therefore needed them back
And pretty quick, well ugly quick
Would be OK.

We had been testing a bed for the President.
He insisted after the incident involving
The mattress and the waiter.
Perhaps the expertise gained
Would provide us with
The additional skill set we lacked.
Bed making, duvet cover stuffing,
And tucking in skills,
Were considered transferable.

The night of the seventh was
To prove pivotal.
The swing bridge was finally open.
The twenty six miles detour
To cross the river
Would no longer be a daily chore
However this was of no benefit
To us, as we were in the next town.

The tiny stream which passed through
Our town was readily crossed using the Ford.
That isn't too say the Guy who owned
The Ford was happy with this arrangement.
It worked for the Mayor 
So that's how it was.

The school sports day
Wasn't always a well attended event.
Truant children are not inclined
To wear sports kit on a field,
Let alone walk through the school gates.

Also there would be prize giving this term
The trophy cabinet was empty
Due to a lack of funding and a lock.
However there was always
Fun to be had in the beer tent,
Even if there was no beer.



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