The Days the Rangers Ranged 1

Episode One


These were the opening words
Of The Chief.
The Department had a new mission.
The Chief continued;
Here is evidence of a beginning.
Here, of an ending.
It is now our intention
To fill in the missing middle.

It is a close night.
The evening had been closer.
We were right up to here
In crystal clear darkness,
And time was hotting up.
The Mercury was in the ascendency.
If it had been any more humid
We would have been swimming.
The atmosphere was barely bearable.
It was as hot as the truth
On a truthfulness day.
We began to seep towards the dawn.

What we were looking for
Was both eclectic and separate.
Most middles are.
Middlers of course
Already know this.
But we are not Middlers.

It was like searching for a saw
Using a cave divers mask.
Even if we had the use
Of a trench coat,
It would not have helped.

We hung around, waiting
Wishing for ideas.
Even a carpet thread
May have given us the lead
We needed right now.
We were confident that
Should a lead arise
We would be able to have use of a K9.

We circled names in the newspaper.
We looked through the crossword clues.
Solving 14 across was no help.
There had to be another way.
We needed a clean break,
Leg or arm, it didn't matter.
When the chips are down,
The ground looks messy.

I tackled my brains.
I then racked my brains.
As it was my turn
I made the break.
This got us precisely nowhere.
I re-racked my brains
And put away my que.

A surprise move
Had been the earlier
Delivery of a dentist's chair.
I guess someone in the department
Had thought it a help,
As the job was becoming painful,
Like pulling teeth.
There seemed no solution
So I took the opportunity
To floss.

(C) 2018 Christopher Thompson

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