The Days the Rangers Ranged 3

Episode Three

The next person through the door

Would be witness to the firing

Of the starting pistol.

This was because the whistle

For the kettle had mysteriously

Gone missing.

We still needed to know when it boiled.

Little Luck was still on the payroll

And was still in charge of being coffee boy.

Only now we had to have instant.

Even though our colours were returned

Safely but sadly with a tear.

The chief refused us

Use of the coffee percolator.

He is a fairly belligerent boss.

Good news was thin on the ground,

Mostly because all known middlers

Had gone to ground.

Our quest for the middle was

Rapidly making no progress.

We needed a new lead,

Well any lead really.

And a dog.

We were strapped

And needed to feel a collar.

An idea came right out of the blue,

Which is a friendly bar near the office.

Unfortunately it was a bad idea

So we quashed it.

Our thinking firmed to jelly

We had cream with it.

It was whilst washing the dished dirt

The Little Luck came up with his theory.

Start, end. We had this.

But where was the most unlikely place

To look for a middle?

According to the Theory of Wellys Constant; (A

Law somewhat along the lines of the Second Law

of Thermodynamics) we should be looking to the

past. This is Babbage Therum in reverse.

Babbage therum starts by stating you should look

forward to the future.

By insisting we look to the past, Little Luck had

effectively inadvertently made himself

redundant before his appointment. This was a

new first for the department. Little Luck was

nothing more than a walking talking cost saving.



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