Ditto – And an experiment without rhyme

Now here is the testAnd here is the reason.
(At this stage who knows where this) is going?
Start as you mean to go on.
And the test is;
Write blank with no idea.
And the reason
To see where it takes us.

Don’t be a poem
Of self doubt, deranged or saddo.
There is enough that has already been stated
To keep those who row that particular boat,
Well able to Rock and Row
About themselves forever.

There is more reason to talk
To listen to acknowledge and applaud.
More need than justification,
Than using verse as a head screw valve;
To seek the valuation of the tribe.

I know what I am
You have no need to know.
Your understanding
Is in the understandable,
The sense conveyed in the message alone.
In the figures and speech
The content and the elation.
The Stunning cacophonous sounds
Of a spoken word.
And the echo in the brain when
One message is shared between one and another,
In recognition.
It is relayed in the parallel of experience.

(The Test:- Are you still there?
Are you still with me)?

It is in the sense alone
And the mode is one of receiving.
And in receiving, knowing;
Just what is meant.
It is in content that truth is expressed.
The secret is exchanged.
The theme is shot Neuron to Neuron,
From who to whom is irrelevant.

[The arrival point has been reached. This piece has been blank written.
A considered comment would be much appreciated].

© 2018 Christopher Thompson

One thought on “Ditto – And an experiment without rhyme

  1. Interesting and original piece, very deep in meanings and reflections about the process of crafting poems, conveying and reacting to their messages. Guess blind writing makes your words flow more freely.


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