The Conflagration of Doubt Pt 1

Accession by age, aging.

The new order of flight, the refreshed new generation, who are the young rushing green, towards their success and certain death.

The newest of news, wanton discovery, scrolling. Your blue lit mirror and it’s reflection of night, delivers you with all manner of apparitions speaking of love and creation. A generation going godless, one ephemeral screen at a time. Scroll on you electron prephet corporate. Many worship at the palm of the gods of number.

These words are chosen deliberately in random, accessioned phrases.

Intending to pile on, with additional pressure, the five fingered gateway, and its eye strained voice. Within which the intention is to describe life, with the love of eternal purpose, which is the true commerce of the immortal soul.

Corpreal purpose being transient towards cohabitation in the ultra elevations extra of any continuum.

But for the here and now the concern is for the benefits to our biology.

Many things here cannot be spoken of calmly. They are matters of the self, and therfore are so often wounding or wounded. They are either of raw nerve, versed in angst or anger or other wise ensured of the certainties of self conviction. Our opinning in many ways count as self defense even though they offer in most cases offence.

In all matters, what matters most is perception.

To be continued. . .

Copyright 2018 Christopher Thompson.

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