Come and be Commerce. T1

It is more about our wit and

a level of understanding,

Than arches of concrete.

Let’s just leave those

To The Romans.

Worthy because of their

Sword slashing conquering army

Armed with Concrete and Civil Engineering.

Neither is this about drawing.

The Set Square is set aside,

As we all have our backs

Back to the drawing board.

Now we draw nearer

To absorption, becomming

Fools to want what we are offered.

Each a victim of the marketeer.

Absorbing the flow of imagery

And accepting the re touched sound

Piped to head receptors instead of eats.

We are so ready to buy into anything,

Who is it and what is it and where is it?

Artificial, virtual, vague and frequent.

Targeted to stay on message,

The benefit of Alchemy and of hardware

Those descriptions of fulfilment,

The purchasing power of deception.

Hot spot deciphering of habit and opinion.

The Algorithm of eternity sold as seen.

And the loss to humanity

Is the sale of purpose

Being swiped from memory

In a scan or a scroll, however

This place is the Dead Sea of the soul.

Life has become cantilevered.

An elbow, on a fulcrum, linked,

Via a spigot to the datum of the begining

Of the start of the whole of This Race.

Who so ever knows your mind

Owns your Will and therfore your Balance.

We are simple, so easy to own.

We have become employments slave.

And whilst before us waves a stick

We remain content with a small carrot.

(c) 2018 Christopher Thompson

for the advanced achieving institution

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