Self Identify as unmentionable.

Ill contentment drives a piston

That engages with Mellifluous ease,

On to a dowdy downward spiral.

Bang and the heat is on.

This causes more than sadness,

Or all out melancholy,

It causes nothing less, than dreadfullness.

Alconsuming dreadfullness.

So when the inability to dislodge such

Overtakes the mind,

The senses and motivational impetus

Are made to feel like as though the kind

Are leading the kind.

It’s a sort of “Take my hand then

And I’ll expect nothing back”

Kind of a trot out.

Evenso such a vision will not help

When life already appears to be pointed.

Buoyant spirits are the order of these days.

In these final stages on the pathway to discovery

My question is;

Are these life scars, more or less likely, to reveal

The panic issuing from the mouths of men

Who are deemed to be woolly,

Who self identify as unmentionable?

(C) 2018 Christopher Thompson

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