There seems to be a steady drain of the heat of the Cosmos. It is said to be the precursor to the Big Crunch. This idea caught my attention. I gave it consideration. I listened to the ensuing silence, the message was lost on me. I had to close my mind to such theorising . It seemed to me that any hypothesis of quanta in this plane is of no consequence to us whatsoever. However,  by the light of  day I was able to see the image of my hand. By this I knew I was safe for now. My hand his not able to harm me. I thought for a while longer. I was not quite meditating but the thoughts I had were deep. Having said that, I know not how to measure the fathoms of thought. Suffice to say I reasoned I was still safe, as my mind was not able to harm me. Harm is not to be found in what I may do or the thoughts I ponder about. Harm however is certain to be found in words, whether spoken or written. This is something which carries consequences. The chilling of the Cosmos in terms of potential for harm is irrelevant. Harm is impossible if good works, thoughts and words are at the  heart of  our communication.


© 2018  Christopher Thompson

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