Lamentation for Sarah

Life is strong with its challenges, it sweeps us away and it renews. There is no degree of life withheld, for it is not capable of dealing us imbalance. Life itself is semi circular. Good things or bad, unhesitatingly it will always deliver. So too there is an element bound up with the end of a life and it’s recipients are those left to mourn. It’s name is grief. Such a time for us, is now.

Our sense of loss is beyond description. We are chilled to the soul and are therefore numb.

We mourn for a young women who died 27th September 2018. She is named Sarah. We have had her in our lives for thirty or so years. Her mom and dad and her two brothers, had her a while longer. She leaves behind her husband and a step daughter too.

Sarah was a very close childhood friend, and later an irreplaceable adult friend to our daughter. She was also a significant person in the lives of the of our grandchildren. We all loved her and benefited from her generous, kind and warm hearted nature.

She is already and in future will be missed and greatly.

My poem was written during the late hours of 27th September 2018 after learning from our daughter of Sarahs’ death.


And so Sarah

all that is left

Is for me is to say

Go safely onward.

And I speak it softly.

Dearest friend to Charlotte,

We leave our prayers

In candle light,

For it is finished now.

Rest in Peace.

Though nothing of you

Can ever be extinguished

In our hearts,

We who have known you

And your kind heart.

You were a kindly gift to us.

As if our own to treasure.

Good night


(C) 2018

Christopher Thompson.

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