Second Lamentation for Sarah.

How is it we have come to this,

That we ponder under a cloud of death,

That such a life as yours is taken

So soon and so short in years?

Over long before our travels together were done;

Both in time and distance.

Be this now our total of memories?

Recollections by us all,

Of those younger years,

With early hopefulness for the future.

Yet herein amongst us

Has come a conqueror,

With this early death intent to separate.

And in all truth too young,

And in so brief a span of time.

Why then to such a one as you,

Who gave to us, a loving life time?

So generous in heart and love,

Your gifts to us, were of your very self.

Though little you knew of it in life

And as is now, in life here after.

You are still so dearly loved.

As for us, the sum of our forthcoming days

Is by number a sum, as yet concealed.

Then, when all allotted is achieved,

After each of our mortal conclusions,

We shall again each be held in close company.

(c) 2018 Christopher Thompson

30th September 2018

Cannock Staffordshire

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