Is this my problem?

High on probability

The mineral facts help to calculate

The circumference of luck,

And the checks and balances weigh heavy

In someones favour, but whose?

As the odds begin to even up,

Then as a chancer loses his arm,

Another loser chances his arm,

Is this my problem?

Gold beckons

And the heroes fade and die,

The sink hole opens many rush

Many drift mine in,

So that the dead lucky

Can begin their delirious decent.

It’s the ching ching of coins,

Which sounds like dead souls falling

Through to Hell.

Is this my problem?

When cells devide as

The fuel shovels in,

It’s like the shuffling of desires.

As with the cot and the napkin,

There is little to differentiate

The inputs and outputs of biology,

Energy always dictates is own terms.

And the gell of life in the petri stops sort,

Of being certain that your Cancer will kill.

Is this my problem?

There is a rhythmic beat to the tides

As they splash the coast,

And the Moon draws thus

Its own conclusions.

Humankind is gravitational in nature.

Watch as mankind rattles his madman cage

Then the scribe will describe this awful rage.

And the headbanger becomes contrite till dawn,

No chemical cosh, no night stick drawn.

The Moon has removed his mood

And the night stick is propped in the corner.

Is this my problem?

Covalently existing

The dapple electron hides to deceive.

It has expression in Knowledges,

And the Mathematics Psychical,

Of such things, few care or have capacity.

Fewer still can comprehend.

It is the domain of the White Coats.

And chemical chances rear up once again

To challenge and choke off

Authority in the cause of Universal ignition.

Is this my problem?

All life is a series of exchanges.

Oxygenation for excretion.,

Ad infinitum or until extinction.

The world as a Gymnasium is described thus,

Stay fit and survive.

In this world view if you are unfit

You don’t survive.

The strong take forward their victorious advantage

To refine and increase through succession.

And the weak are consigned to history.

Is this my problem?

(C) 2018 Christopher Thompson

All rights reserved.

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