Screen Tested

Notice me! Notice me!

Look, see, I’m in all my photos,

All My posts and videos too.

I’m linked via links across all of My pages.

On all platforms, I’m so well linked,

I jingle like a chain.

Follow me! Follow me!

I’m always trending.

I’m viral, I’m virtual, I’m always sending,

Always consenting, never condescending.

I know my CEO from my SEO,

Search me, click me and like me.

#TagMe! Hash me! Tag me!

I’m so social, it’s no wonder

I’m always in the media.

Being speedier, greedier, eager and needier.

I’m egocentric, eclectic, electric,

I’m so whiter than white,

I think I might be antiseptic!

I’m living life in a sandbox,

Life with a companion tracker,

A life dictated too,

By the need of consistently, good reception.

No reality check for me, no quality face time.

As hollow as a hologram, I’m personified

By social media and the depth of it’s deception.

(c) 2018 Christopher Thompson

all rights reserved

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