Couple up

Ever tried to reason you way out of a cul-de-sac?

Or swim across the frozen Lake of Guilt?

There is as little point to either,

As teaching the one who you love.

Which is all about fatigue and vaguely heard

Worthy words and wisdom.

And the test of love is in practice,

The torque of love in release.

The are two golden words,

Their use is appropriate for two

They are, I do.

C 2019 Christopher Thompson

All rights reserved.


This poem started 11.42pm GMT.

Completed 11.57pm GMT

29 January 2019.

Cannock England.

3 thoughts on “Couple up

    1. First step is to split your personality into its constituent parts. Lay them on the table and run like fuck. . . If you are alive you can keep on going. If you are dead you are normal. Don’t hanker for normality. (This is an example of my fabulously simple, Stand Up Philosophising!!!). Eh.. Shouldn’t I be asleep? On the plus side, at least I’ve joined you in January 30th. And sleep is for whimps. Chris T. zzzzzzzzzz


      1. Oh please, I have so many “personalities” but they get stuck in the door all trying to run out at once. I find they are much more compliant when they know they will each have a turn to say something. And who was the last one speaking. What was most important. Rah rah rah rah. Sleep when you’re dead. That’s what I plan on doing.


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