Keys (2)

We survive, being daily

Bound by boundaries.

Not by the cypher

Or even the code.

But by what is intra omnipresent.

In the cypher, and the codes.

However, we are

Ultimately subordinate,

To The Lock.

Extra to the lock

Is AI.

This is menacing in its own right.

Those who would grab the Volt

Will finally grab the person.

It will not be enough

To say the ayes have it.

Ultimately the eyes

Not the ayes, will take possession.

And we will move on

From Governance by maths

To Government because of maths.

The tipping point will be

When habit is mastered.

We will no longer dance

to the rhythm of the stick,

Or the gyrations of stock.

We will dance to the binary;

Of let live or let die.

Then the question will be,

When did we put our Trust

In an algorithm?

The one who executed this plan,

Is one who holds the key.

C2019 Christopher Thompson

All rights reserved

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