Art and The Artist.


There must be rarity.

Everything must become available,

But remain scarce.

It is all about demand.

There are other facets too.

Talents, abilities, learned skills,

Opportunity and accessibility.

These are the facets which satisfy.


There is a glut, allbeit in cyberspace.

Too many are talented, able, skilled.

The pinch point is at the stage

Of opportunity and accessibility.

Markets at best pull supply.

Cyberspace pushes.

This synchronising imbalance,

Means there is an assured state

Within which the Artist remains

Informally within the grip of starvation.

No one buys what is free.

C2019 Christopher Thompson

All rights reserved

5 thoughts on “Art and The Artist.

    1. Just breaking of from my study of quantum mechanics, and quantum key distribution in relation to quantum entanglement, so I can respond a bit. *looking upwards* the piece is about all the brilliant Artists about and the crowded cyberspace. You of all people know how hard it is to make a dollar.
      I think what I’m trying to say is there will not be another golden age in music for example, because there is a free platform and exhibiting on that platform are many talented and skilled artists. Ps is your Web site sorted now?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I understood your poem to be in regards to any creative pursuit – music, writing, poetry, visual arts, drama, enterprise… Because everyone wants to save a few bucks and just download whatever turns up in their google search.
        Plus, with too much information on the internet, how does one know where to start? Generally whatever has the biggest advertising and marketing budget.
        My site, I dunno. I hate everything. I barely know where to start because I should write something but… ugh starting is the hardest. Especially because I’m stewing about the thing

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Ugh, I don’t let things go, though. Because when they’re just metaphors, I have no idea what I’m letting go of and… everything just falls away from me. lol


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