Intra and Vein (usurped selfies)

Intra and Vein (usurped selfies)

Listen to yourself

I say

Jumping the Vynyl Grove

For the unteenth time

Listen to yourself

To myself.

My hand is out stretched

To my side.

These walls are so smooth.

Others of me

Are saying the same truths.

This is a comfortable

Shallow self centre

Of a chamber.

This is not so good a place

To find yourself.

Too many selves.


Actions reverberate here too,

Your past catches up

In here you replay.

If somewhat late.

It is a place not too good for your soul

There are no consequences,

To be stacked

Against yourselves.

A place of self worthy sentences,

A crib full of promise,

A coffin of regrets?

Here come those songs again.

And the needle gouges

In all three dimensions,

As it jumps over your will.

Giving itself free passage.

©2019 Christopher Thompson.  All rights reserved

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