Get a breeze.

That is the first action required.

Chewing an apple is helpful.

Know there is

A smouldering taper

Somewhere for everyone,

And that fire is a delight.

When the circus is in town

Follow closely

The script of the clown.

He has a chosen footfall,

And a prat fall

For every occasion.

Learning how to fall is good.

The is no contentment

In Winter.

Glide the sheets

Of course,

But better to salt

Before you fall.

In the melody

Seek the splice

Of rhythm and cadence.

Test your paths

For trip wire words,

There is deception

Throughout the hours.

So remember

Your own safekeeping.

Be bright,

Breathe deeply.

And when the spirit

Is in the wind, remember to


C2019 Chris Thompson

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