Before me this evening

Imagine for now

The rise and fall

Of a live landscape.

Alive without breathing,

A breathtaking scene.

If I were a monk or even

The Buddha,

I could not be more present.

Yet it is still,

It undulates, yes but

It is unmoving.

And by chance very moving.

There lies the contrast,

Morphology and landscape.

There now,

I have let in science.

There are three horses.

A black cat sits on a fence post,

The decision has been made.

The cat for now is committed.

To my left in a field

Two of the horses keep company,

They dine together on Devonshire grass,

Equines always eat their greens.

The white horse eats alone,

In a field fit for singletons.

This one has it all.

Another cat is distantly

Loving life at the hedge row.

Undistracted by the birdsong

This cat has been doing

Just what cats do.

C2019 Christopher Thompson

Buckland Brewer, Devon.

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