Datum 1

There was once a row of face masks,
Fate masks if your like.
Regimented, they were

Hanging off everyone of our faces.

We viewed our world
Through the slits
We had been allowed for our eyes.
What we were shown or watched
Became all that we knew.
Not quite a bubble of breath
But nearly.

We stood together for years, in rows
Not understanding the true reason why.
We viewed our open future

Like a datum of consciousness.
Our gaze set towards
The Arrow of Time.
We listened to stories
We were always looking through mirrors.
Therein lay a way to the truth,
And we were schooled in all truth.
We had become the locked on
Our Dynamics at the ready,
Standing fast in the faith.
We left that place equiped for what?
Life prooved to be a stairwell
For some of us.
The way ahead was not always up.

Copyright 2019 Christopher Thompson
All rights reserved.