COVID-19 High Risk Near Miss

Here in England, well more precisely Devon, I have been following the progress of this awful infection. It has been a remarkably fast moving spread. From a modern Chinese city setting, to a global pandemic in so short a period is more than remarkable, it is shocking. This is a possible Armageddon scenario unfolding in front of us. This is “box set” living at its worst. However there are realities we face as a common group. All humanity is at a high risk of infection. No one is able to avoid the possibility of having to face their mortality. Here is the leveller that welds its equality at everyone on the planet. Not one of us is able to purchase a rain check on this event. All are truly equal, there are in this raw reality, none more equal than others. Now the fate of millions actually lies within the realm of microbiology. There will be many infected, many will suffer. New terror is still only recycled terror, though not everyones terror is the same.

Those who survive this will be among the multiple generations who have experienced a near miss. If you have a spiritual faith, then may your God be near you. If you are without such faith, you remain fundamental to the advancement of the cosmos toward entropy. Either away stay at peace in these trying times.

©2020 Christopher Thompson All rights reserved

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