See Hear

See here young man.
I know you will not be listening,
You imagine your good times will go on
As if  forever, forever.
Especially as your body
Has matured a little.

Peer inside yourself.
Do you see any seed?
Therein is much delight.
You feel indestructible,
Your skill endures.

Now see here,
The young man is gone, no one is home,
The days end draws in
Ever closer.
Now this corpus of yours
Becomes your dungeon.

Peer in.
Do you see any soul?
But wherein there is no light.
You are indeed combustive,
Carboniferous, uplifted and slowly
Your skull empties.
Christopher Thompson “Early Morning Self Portrait – Unselfish Selfie”
©2020 Christopher Thompson All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “See Hear

  1. Hi Key Lamp, (unlocking my darkness)? Thanks for kind words. This hemisphere a bit riddled at present. Virus seems to have gone viral in UK. So much better to be here in North Devon, than the conurbation of the English Midlands.

    Wow, what about them fires? I couldn’t believe the pictures coming from Australia. Hades in the Bush.

    Talks soon when I can sort thoughts into well known phrases or saying….hey?


      1. Squeee! Hehehe omg you could never hurt me, I’m ephemeral you see. You’re like my favourite uncle. I lost all point of contact when I changed my name and face and couldn’t remember when to find you. *shrugs* but im glad we’re back together in this time and space! *high five, fist bump*
        Take care of yourself yould man. Tame that timepiece against mine, I’ve got the heart of a machine that just goes on and on. I could help carry the burden if you want.

        Liked by 1 person

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