This is not glowing or even angry. 
Not bitter and or twisted,
So what is this?
This is in no way angular, 
Or singular or regular. 
It is just uneven but not irregular.
This is not on a treadmill, 
Or in a rat race. Neither is it complex.
It is not viable or buyable.
It is simply this. 
What you get is what you see, hear, taste or think. 
It is not someone else.
This is not a beginning, middle or end. 
Neither is it robust. 
This is now adequate yet dreadful.
This is not circular, orbital or oblique. 
Equatable? Possibly. 
What it is not, is a knot.
This is no longer intelligible,
It not infinitesimal or forgettable. 
This is never discoverable.
This never ceases. 
This has no cancer or damage. 
This was never infantile or made.
This is neither neutral, positive or negative. 
This is not prohibitive or lax. 
This is not It.
This is not absent 
Or meaningful. 
Not over loaded or likely Carboniferous. 
This is not a dark watered lake. 
It contains no hidden extras, it has no  prize. 
This cannot look leftward at life.
This is not interesting or lovely.
This is shapeless in its form
This is not arboreal or cleaved.

This is often incommunicable.
This had no crib. 
This is still not understood.
This is neither ephemeral or eternal. 
This has nothing extra of Cosmos,
This is tasteful.
This is without anything within. 
This requires nothing. 
This is devoid of feelings.
This is not congregational. 
This is not able to be condensed. 
This is neither crushable or weak.
This has no union by faith. 
This is not within anyone's remit. 
This is not irremovable.
This is not a strain. 
This is neither steerable or useful. 
This is not conceited. 
This is neither righteous or wicked,
This is however wounded.
This is unable to heal.

This can never be rigged. 
This is not case sensitive. 
This is no longer a word with worth.

This is not a world apart, it is here.
This is not a subject to study or a victimless phrase.
This is my cause, my case on which you may rest.
© 2020   Christoper Thompson   All rights reserved.

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