PRYDERI what’s in a name?

Why Pryderi?

I could never have been called a son of the sea. Not Dylan then? No. But to be considered a Mabinog? Well better perhaps. But that I, being born of a land-locked navigation, in England, should so choose this Blog to be named after the son of Pwyll and Rhiannon. This then is to be my better calling as I salute the Mabinogi. So is the writing platform to showcase the poetry which I have produced. Let us talk. Why not start your conversation now?

Christopher Thompson is a poetry writer foremost. In his professional life there has been little or nothing to write home about, so he hasn’t. There have been some periods of low mood and some stand up philosophizing along the way, interspersed with comic drifts. It’s true also that the art and craft of cash amassment has in the main eluded his endeavors. His family accounts for majority of his concerns for life in this world.

Amass:- to gather for oneself; collect as one’s own: to amass a huge amount of money.

Poems As A Fuse

More recent writings are collected in the section called Poems as a fuse. Why such a title? As a fuse can offer protection from harm, so does a poem. In another sense, the burning fuse is a precursor to spectacular events. The writing or reading of poetry serves a similar purpose. It is a connector between the writer and reader. Both receive it’s benefit. Understanding and enrichment are the essence of poetic expression. Like a burning candle which gives light and offers a beauty to its surroundings, so poetry offers its own faceted rewards to participants.

There is also to be a section called Poems as a fuse – Hermeneutics. This is an area of auto-hermeneutics where the poetry can be given an insight from the authors perspective.

Here too are a number of what Christopher calls “Rush Poems” or “Flash Press” pieces. These record the actual date and cycle time of writing. Intermingled are pieces from within the last five years.

Christopher Thompson is a 64 years old poet, who is still honing his craft or sullen art. His approach to the work is not to give practice to a skill – as a skill is a learned ability to achieve a predetermined outcome – as such he rejects any skilled label, rather the craft is practiced not of any given wit or design, but because, or and through the necessity of the moment. 

These words simply share the everyday touch of the Cosmos with the essential sparks of the Psyche. They may also point our way as we navigate through this human tangle entwined as we are, within the continuum. To make sense of Time by Knowledge is merely causal, to give and to describe love the true reason for our transit.

The Poetic Life

Urgency is the driver which gives momentum to imagination. It is this which stirs to life ideas and makes for something substantial. Regardless of whether in consciousness or dreams, ideas have genesis in each of the senses or indeed the spirit. Artistry will be brought forth. Such drafting and work erupts in larval expression. It is processional. There is a halt and solidification. So the work is rested, then it is done. As if of granite and exposed to elements, this art is offered up for scrutiny and individual interpretation. So whether touched by the Ignis of Passion or the Freezing of Death, ultimately you will decide the worth of the work, and the message.


There is a category dedicated to EDM, which I have produced. The works span to the beginnings of my sequencing of Electronic Dance Music which I started in 2005.

©2018-20 Christopher Thompson. All rights reserved

Christopher Thompson
January 2019

EXPOSURE – digitization of archive.

There is however a catalogue of work that can be traced back over forty years. This is to be digitised and revisited. The Blog has a section devoted to this process. At the time of writing (August 2018) it has yet to be started. 

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