Palfrey Park DH 1965

Which is the way to Palfrey Park? I used to know,

I used to go.

And under all weather conditions. Two by two we marched, under the watchful Kellys’ eye. Comb over and all. Boys for the football, no change, no kit. Our Football Boots were all that we needed.

On green grassy field we played the game. In that urban park, planted in the middle of nowhere. We were about nine years old.

Once when walking I heard my first shaggy dog story, told by my marching partner, Adrian Tams. It involves a mouse and a two tone white number seventeen London Transport double decker bus. I listened and remembered the whole story, for all the twenty one minutes it took to tell.

Adrian was killed nine years later, crushed under his car whilst fixing a fault, when it collapsed off the jack.

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All rights reserved.

Red – Yellow – Black


This poem is a repose to the death of  Mr George Floyd in Mineapolis MN. 

So again tonight the blackness of smoke is rising to the heavens all across America. And Heaven knows the reasons.
The red is flaring, it is updated and hot. Nowhere is safer than the land of the brave and the home of the free. The crackle of flame illuminates my point.
Yellow is the conflagration, the heat is being drawn. Are the people being treated like they are naturally targetable? Is it inevitable, all this black death?
We saw it in horror, we didn't believe our eyes. A person being stifled, and no doubt not for the first time or encounter
And the fire and the mayhem are a self inflicted wound, a man is unjustifiably killed openly and on the street. Everyone is suffering on the inside. This is an ache for justice. Let the scales fall from our eyes. Everyone is precious, everyone one has a life to give, everyone has a right to live. Offer an open hand to lift up your brothers and sisters. Surely it is better to be blind then to judge another by the sight of their skin?
There is wrong, there are wrongs to be corrected. There are people and there are streets, there is much yet to do.
The Oxygen of forgiveness and equality of truth is the simple soul solution and the way of life is love. Each in self examination needs to help bring about all that is true.
Let's replace this red, yellow and black, with a red white and blue.

C G T   Devon, England.

Right Hand or Left? Nailed

On one hand, then again on the other hand,

One has shorter, one longer.

There are strings for both,

The same strings.

Over the ridge for some

Picking for others.

No time for a plectrum,

Only time to strum.

The guitarist,

The hands.
Copyright 2020 Christopher Thompson All rights reseved


Is it due to the immediacy of the touch screen and the ephemeral nature of modern communications which so concentrates the moment? There is, so it seems, little which has the power to distract. Palm up, neck bent, finding, covering, finding conferring, searching; but for what? Even a child in a stroller is insufficient to draw its mothers attention from her screen. The ease of communication is dissolving it’s very value. Effortless eyeball and digital retrieval of a plethora of information means there is little incentive for retention. There is a sequence of instant messaging and inconsequential reaction which precludes the absorbing of meaning. This in turn results in a lack of understanding. Now as understanding is a primary driver of discovery and learning the resulting outcome is widespread ignorance.

It is a somewhat frustrating tendency of some modern thinkers and communicators, even bloggers, to draw conclusion without reference to, or knowledge of recent social history. Frustrating for the observer of such fundamental gaps in comprehending what has gone before. In an era of repetitive hollow sloganeering it would be amusing to witness the empty echoey clanging of rhetoric from these so called enlightened ones, if the stakes were not so high. It may be worthy enough to desire equality of life. It is however dangerous folly to be empassioned of a cause which, in ignorance and delusion, one advances as if to be trail blazing. The truth I’d venture to suggest is that there is very little new thinking, however much it is felt, that the times are changing. This isn’t to say society is in a state of stasis. Far from it, society is by nature organic and dynamic. The mistake resides in the belief that social change can in some way be successfully Engineered. Unfortunately, as in the discovery of the delights of sex, ideas of radical social reform are among the horizons that young people are mistaken in their view that their role is something of that of the pioneer. Almost all reforms, systems or revolutions have already been actioned. Recent history of the twentieth century alone illustrates the point. There are few successes which have resulted in benefits for the masses. Revolution brings not change but a return to the starting point. Advancement is achieved not by revolving but by incremental linear improvement to a persons social condition. As yet the concept of mutual trade has not been made redundant. It is therefore by exchange the individual finds the means to meet the needs of living. Unfortunately not all exchamge is of equal value. Achieving equilibrium at this level is where the true challenge for society is to be found.

(C)2018 Christopher Thompson

In Anamnesis – This Time (Will Never Leave You).


In Anamnesis. This Time (Will Never Leave You).


If the first thought was of love
The second must be of obsession.
There is no getting rid of these feelings
Liking or loving or contentment,
Neither is harmful,

You are not alone,
Or are you?
Love needs to be reciprocal.
You are living your feelings
So you are definite.
Most probably.
And the eyes have it to the right.
Now where is your head,
Where are your heels?
Submerged, you may forget to breathe.
Do not panic.

It’s just like palpitations.
Then there is the force,
Or rather the drive to consider.
You need to talk.
Don’t begin at the beginning
You will be a bore.
Just be like it is,
Countenance is measurable
Just be real.
Do not burst open,
Just blow your flame gently.

Rise up, but also know your limit.
If falling over your words
Causes laughter,
You are like a Prince, and charming.
Do not grip your heart
In a steel gloved hand,
Rather offer it openly as your gift.
You cannot lose
That which you freely give.

In truth your love is always present.
Be patient.
Love wonders a meandering path.
Your route to anothers’ heart is understanding that.
If you land on deaf words
Relax and touch your own heart.
Firstly you are misunderstanding your situation.
Secondly you are at cross paths.
You are kind but you are mistaken.
So leave your love to go.
Letting your lover go.
Is the hardest way.

In anamnesis, this time will never leave you.

© 2014-18  Christopher Thompson All Rights Reserved

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Speeding to the Horizon, an Infinity Dichotomy (Pt1)

Speeding to the Horizon, an Infinity Dichotomy (Pt1)

There is little I would presume to dismantle
A plate of tectonic proportions for example.
Or a disjointed phrase.
Or a lucid remark
Or stroll along a parapet wall.
There would be great risk
Of failing or falling.

Here is the trap.
There is danger should it
Ever be sprung.

It begins with choices.

Who has the choice
At the outset, the beginning,
or in the twilight, the end of a life?

© 2018 Christopher Thompson