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If I were a room
I would open my arms
And welcome you in,
Closing the door and my hands
I would keep you safe
Within me.

I would let you rest
Keeping you sheltered.
I would love your dreams
And wishes
I would watch over you.

But alas,
I am a field.

©2018 Christopher Thompson. All Rights Reserved



We had a parting of the ways,

The foot and the heart.

And the healing is ongoing.

Time, the universal medicinal

Is renamed healer on Earth.


We live on a ball in a cage.

There are forces for bars,

And the cage is vast,

Nonetheless it is a cage,

We are captives.

There are thinkers aloud,

Also in some waysides

There are thinkers allowed.

But it remains impossible

To reason a way

Out of the cage.

No biology can escape.

Whilst each mortal

Is in some sense,

Their own singularity,

In every sense

No one gets past

Their allotted event horizon.

Neither flesh or spirit

Has Ultimate Will.

Only Will has power.


Power possesses no Will.

Whatever you want.


You Want.

C2019 Chris Thompson

All Rights reserved.


Come closer if you dare,

There are fountains to climb

And seascapes to wonder along,

So there will be plenty to drink

And much to stare at,

To enjoy.

No physical presence

Will kneed or mould you.

I will do all the necessary bleeding

For us both.

We can remain spiritual.

I am looking for a dream,

Searching, single handed in a whirlpool.

Peering into and

Confessing as I go,

To offset any of my mystery.

To balance any lurking ledger.

I remain a lodger in a cot.

A candle toting junky,

Laughing my way through it all

On the Opium of the People.

As much of a tinsel trinitarian as ever I was.

Splashed with a watery faith, fated,

As a baby faced scoundrel.

Will you accompany me?

I am an ongoing forfeiture,

You will be my last friend,

We can become made for each other.

When we swim upstream

We will be reaching for the sky,

When we walk, we shall be coasting along,

Come closer, let us share,

Let us be beginners.

C2019 Chris Thompson


Get a breeze.

That is the first action required.

Chewing an apple is helpful.

Know there is

A smouldering taper

Somewhere for everyone,

And that fire is a delight.

When the circus is in town

Follow closely

The script of the clown.

He has a chosen footfall,

And a prat fall

For every occasion.

Learning how to fall is good.

The is no contentment

In Winter.

Glide the sheets

Of course,

But better to salt

Before you fall.

In the melody

Seek the splice

Of rhythm and cadence.

Test your paths

For trip wire words,

There is deception

Throughout the hours.

So remember

Your own safekeeping.

Be bright,

Breathe deeply.

And when the spirit

Is in the wind, remember to


C2019 Chris Thompson

There may be reason yet

There may be reason yet

To change a mind.

To turn a mind

Towards me.

I hope nothing I say

Will harm us.

I have a will to avow

My testament,

On account of love.

My flag is lowered

To those last hours of our

Morning skies.

We were drawn

For a time at dawn.

Withdrawn by twilight.

And I am saddened

By these lost times.

Destiny is weaker

When eyes close the mind.

I have set a seal on distraction,

On yesteryear.

Today I wax lyrical

At the sea

And search on.

I settle just now

Near a coast.

Again I build on sand.

Middle lands are far

Up country.

And I am past the point

Of no rebirth.

I reflect more than attract,

I have skipped more tracks

Than remain to be played.

If only now I had

The point you once made.

c2019 Chris Thompson

What The?

What or Watt?

Et Al.

Yet turbines continue to turn.

Turbines and attitudes.

The generation Generation

Have little idea

Of the real whirl.

What turns around

Comes around.

The daily grind

The strife.

Life, death?

There is death in life.

Leave death alone.

Seek your life.

Live it out.

Death out lives us all.

Leave it be.

No glass device

Or defined example,

Can lead individuals

Like a gathering of minds.

Leaders do not define

The person,

Acting does.

Take the stage,

Take your chance.

Play your part,

Act and add.

This is to know

What is Watt,

And what this is all for.

Until the end

Life is about

Each other.

C2019 Chris Thompson

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